Slowly i come to my expiry date in Asia and the time to hit Europe for the festival season is just around the corner.

And yet i still don’t know the date.

As usual, everything is done last minute and in a hectic manner. Luckly, both me and my boss handle flights on a daily basis and in time, we gathered a bit of insider know-how…we’d be both broke otherwise. One thing will happen for sure – i’ll forget something here, in Bali.

I’ve been asked recently not once or by one person, when i’m coming home. Obviously the answer comes every time as fast as lighting:”end of May”. But soon i’ve realised that…i might not get home- home until late june. Or get there early May? Or be there straight mid July at my brothers wedding. So why do i tell everybody i’ll be home end of May?

Maybe it’s because that was the plan initially? Or maybe ’cause i find it comforting lying to my friends about a date? Or is it a simple generalisation that will spare me from a shitload of explanations?

Talking with other nomads i can wholeheartedly say nope, none of them. Don’t know trully about others, but recently i came to realise that home is Europe. That simple. Not the balkans, not Romania, Bucharest or where ever i was born. Just Europe. And by saying this, by no means i am denying my point of origin.

It is just a weird feeling of belonging to a continent and not a country or a nation.

Living in this nomad world, i soon understood that we are no different from each other. We are all runways, nomads; we are all travelers and we do this wandering outside our safety bubble called European Union. Going back to there is going home, no matter the country one comes from.

The funny thing is that one of the policies that EU always tried to secure was to implement this idea of cultural globalisation. Make us all as one. The beautiful failure of it was materialised once the Brexit was voted in, just to give an example, not going into politics now.

From start it was a doomed idea. All those EU projects, all those programs, all those fellowships between nations, cities, villages. Yes, they could work perfectly on a economical and political level..but social area? Cultural? I’d LoL. I bet my healthy part of my liver that you will never be able to put a greek in the same room with a swedish and ask them to build identical puzzles, in the same manner and actually to succeed.

And yet…here we are, a bunch of europeans (ok, not only europeans, but i will not extend my ideas to other continents), shuffling around the world; changing countries every few months; are making Europe our home. And guess what? yes… we are culturaly integrated and spiritually globalised.

Against all odds and all the studies it seems that last of the plans that EU had, the one that corporations and big companies faught agaisnt is working. “Kick me out and i might follow” has finally started to bloom.


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