The start of 2018, not minding the problems pushed over by force over the NYE by shitty 2017, looks kinda promising.
Not a week has passed by and i find myself in an industrial train station like airport in the middle of Ethiopia; yep….Addis Ababa.
Though i’m just transiting for 4 hours this definitely is worth mentioning; not only because i consider that transit periods are underestimated, but also because is one bit of a weird experience.
Left Bali yesterday morning and after a short layover in Singapore, where i had the pleasure to meet a friend for a short but fun coffee, boarded the Ethiopian airlines, mighty gods bless their souls.
Though only a Gulag would seemed less crowded, the seats where comfy enough so i could take a proper nap. And, yes….finally civilized people that don’t lean back their seat over your food or drooling over your shoulder dudes.
Any-who, feel asleep right after dinner, watching again, for the millionth time, Lord of The Rings, just to wake up a few hours later to the one of the best , breathtaking views ever!
It was about 4 in the morning and the sky was so clear and pure that i could count all the stars and constellations. Which obviously i did, mostly out loud. Got one wrong i think (ill need to google that info), when the guy on the seat behind me said “that’s not Ursa Major…that’s Pegasus.”
Right under them it was the mighty Indian ocean just a bit covered with tinny puffy grey clouds. Flying pretty damn high at around 13-14.000 m, the earth’s curvature was more sexy than the hips of a maiden. It was as a romantic view as you can get and in a normal world, me being a normal human being, probably, no..most likely i would have had thoughts of a prince charming riding a dusty over used and over abused scooter.
But hey, no one is perfect so i so wish that all the flat earthers would have been on that flight, up there…just to hear them say how the airplane windows are actually TV screens that try to manipulate me.
Bottom line, as Trump would say, it was beautiful, the most beautiful view ever, you can’t have a view like that anywhere else.
Moving on….2 hours later (yes, it was an 8.30h flight) we prepare to land. No light anywhere. But you know, i stay almost always, at the back of the plane; can’t see shit whats in front, so who am i to say or worry about the darkness we are descending into?
And we land, pitch black still and then i hear the pilot softly saying:” Welcome to Addis Ababa. Outside temperature is 11C and the local time is 6:30 am. Please remain seated while we wait for the electrical generator of the airport to start. We don’t want you be leaving in darkness.”
Pam, pam…another 40 minutes to socialize with my new friend from a “big” tribe from Eritrea (another story for another time).
Some lights, in the end pop-out as the dusk of the new day was waking up.
Happy to disembark, i run inside the airport…cigarettes, coffee, maybe a beer all while stretching. Now, since we are talking about me and the way i fail in life and at being a responsible adult, i ended up having only the stretching.
The Local currency is birr (which probably you can find only in their exchange offices) and…in the airport, also, US dollars. Having only Singaporean dollars or rupiah i go try to exchange the cash. So i start searching the exchange offices. Well office…cause it has only one and needless to say, the dude at the exchanged looked at me as if i was Satan trying to sell him drugs, when i asked about my currencies. Ok…they can’t or won’t change those. Fair. Lets find an ATM.
Nope, no ATM. Fine also. Let’s just grab a water paying directly with the card. Tried! cause i ended up receiving a heartfelt message from my bank ” unauthorized transaction in a country with high risk of fraud and data piracy. please call our offices..blah blah” (think that’s how you translate it).
Anyways….anyways…wanted to post this when i was still in the airport, see if anyone could ship me a coffee from anywhere, but the internet was jinxed and in the mean time i got to Stonetown, where i finally can enjoy a lovely coffee, in a pub by the beach.

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