It’s already 2nd of January and i am already tired of this year. It didn’t take long to this world to start arguing about every single goddamn aspect of life. It’s like a programmed attitude towards life.
Be a shitty person for 340 days, every year, minus your birthday and name day. Get into the whole holiday, Christmas spirit mood. Be happy, be kind, be merry, be joyful, be fake, be tired, be drunk, be anything else but yourself. Pretend until exhaustion and till the hangover is done and the belly starts to deflate from all those panetones, pork steaks, cookies and milk (that i know you haven’t shared with Santa!). And you get back to your shitty, unhappy and discontent self. It’s like holidays never happened.
Think that, from now on, i’ll just skip yearly counting and make it a daily count. So, by now i’m already 12561 days old.
I can see plenty advantages in this thing.
– The number gets to be more and more impressive. Think of how it will sound when i’ll be 25.000 days old. That’ll be one of those rare moments in life when i will have to get myself a surprise party. Like…surprise myself with some confetti and a damn low-fat, no sugar cake made specially for a diabetic, cardiac and senile woman.
– See the age and adulthood in miniature. I am in the end a child that tries to adult and most of the times failing. But it’s ok, i am getting better and better at it, until i will be able to say i have failed properly, thus making it as a success. Simple math, two negatives at some point do make a positive. And yes, failure has a limit, success doesn’t.
– My birthday is every day. Pam pam. See? Presents! Every single day i can get a present. I can reward my self for a really good daily chapter i have just closed.
– Every single day is a new begging. A start to try do things better this time. “This day i will surely start that yoga class. Do those invoices. Call my friends. Stop bitching about EVERYTHING!”.
– Getting used to failing to yourself and finally take that time to meditate and ponder of what to do next. If the yoga class is good for you or not or if you should really actually take it or just go work the rice fields with the locals, will be so much easier to answer if you think about it constantly and not once a year.
Anyways…probably there are more good reasons for this, as well as disadvantages. But, i will think of them tomorrow, when my new 12562 begging starts.

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