Was about 3 years ago when I realized that the comfort of freelancing is going to drive me mental. Yes, it was a sudden flow of freedom, after more than 10 years in an office, and a pure state of “oh! fuck this shit” while slamming shut the laptop.

And also a huge YES to independence! That’s what my grandparents fought for. w00p w00p! great liberation from corporate system…but, damn…I haven’t step out of my pajamas since last week. Shower?…pff, my cat doesn’t seem to mind.

The only activity I had was going to the corner shop, random evening beers and now and then the “must go” events I was working on. But, pretty much, I was rapidly becoming one with my green comfy couch.

Because I am a master of reinventing the wheel, in one of my few moments of clarity I had in this life, it struck me: I can choose my “office”! Like, pick a place and work from there. So, initially, I ended up shuffling through some coffee shops and bars in Bucharest; until I managed to decide on my first thing that I could actually put on a bucket list:

By the time i retire (can you retire from music industry?), try to live for no less than 6 months in at least 15 countries.

I’m down to 3; 2, if I don’t take into consideration my point of origin.

Have to admit I had some pretty lovable incentive at the moment I bought my one way ticket to Asia. But I did do it!

Gave my cat to my mom, promising her that next time I will give her a living creature, at least, i will try, to be a kid. Never promised to be a human kid though. Scattered what ever belongings I had to who ever needed them and started this weird idea of a completely unsettled life.

And here I am, some time later. Hopping around this part of the world, searching for coffee-shops with something close to what we call Wi-Fi.

Though first was Thailand (I’ll get to that later), now I am in Indonesia. For more or less 4 months, now.  Until when…dunno. I’ll figure it out when time comes.

For now I just enjoy the view, along side with some fresh coconut, delicious nasi goreng in banana leafs and, obviously, the crappy Wi-Fi.

PS: I absolutely need to learn how to drive a scooter and eat with my bear hands. Fuckin’ European civilization.

PS2: LOMBOK COFFEE for ever!!


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