How many Tanzanians do you need to change a light-bulb?

All of them. And a Japanese.

Light bulb or in this case wi-fi router reset. OK. Woke up around 7 am, because why not? i’m on holiday!, and the wi-fi connections was down. After trying to become a responsible adult, went to the hostel reception and asked about the interwebz and why iz it no work.

And then it happen! The hostel’s IT support group showed up. Yup …the typical IT guys that usually tells you to “on/off, on/off”; disregarding the fact they were all black. Not that i’m racist or anything, but back in Europe they are usually really white, almost red-heads with a shit load of pimples on their noses.

Anyways, don’t wanna make this a long post, but all of them were with their hands on the router; one of them started pushing the antenna, one was searching for the reset button and the 3rd one…have no idea wtf he was doing cause now he was pulling the power cord…now he was counties the tiny green led lights.

I was just staring at them trying not to laugh, reminding myself of some extremely similar experiences i had with my fellow Moldavian fellows, back home.
Then the owner of the hotel, this tiny young Japanese guy comes asking softly

“is the internet working?’
“no…i’m waiting for your guys to finish what they were doing.”

Then he turns around slowly, with his hands around his back, ducks a bit, just to get between his colleagues knees, and pulls the routers power cord from the socket, waits a few seconds and sticks it in again, without the other guys to notice. 2 steps back and he’s already on the stairs telling me the internet should be fine now.

The 3 skinny tall dudes were still trying to do something with the router by the time i told them the internet was working again.

The smile on their faces told me that one single thing crossed their mind at that point: “job well done, lads.”

Indeed. a pretty well done job. I can post this crap now.


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