I’m a panda that was, half of the time, raised in the balcony of a 2 bedroom apartment, and half of the time in the woods. Learned to explore by myself everything. Like, literally everything.
Being stubborn by nature, I never believed what others were telling me; so, basically i ended up seriously burning my tongue with a freaking cup of hot tea when i was around 4 and by 8 I’ve convinced my brother, sorry for that dude, that the frozen ski pole is like ice cream and he could put his tongue on it. Yes, i did it ’cause i wanted to see if it will really stick. It does.
Anyways; any normal human being with an acceptable IQ level, when first thinks of visiting another country, on another continent, let alone moving there for god knows how long, at least reads up the wikipedia page of the new never-visited place.
Not me. I always end up in all sorts of places completely blind folded.
Can’t say why i don’t do my research. Maybe i’m that lazy, maybe I like surprises way too much or maybe…just maybe, i’m a simple visceral ignorant creature. I’ll pick the surprise option, for obvious reasons. And damn the surprises I’m getting. As a friend of mine once said – I am my own amusement park, i could never get bored.
Did you know that pineapples grow on the ground? Yes, it is a retarded question, but I’ve discovered this thing last year in Thailand, when i was really confused about the numerous plantations of aloe; which later on proved to be “nanas” plants.
Though I could have learned all this only by using the power of Google, still I feel like I’ve been lied too all my life. Never really believed they grow already pickled and canned, but what are the palm trees for? No Disney, not for coconut, those grow in coconut trees, which are like gulliverian brothers of the palm trees.
Moving on from my fruit issue. I’m still lingering on last year’s Thailand. Did you know they all (Asians) drive on the wrong side of the road? Sorry, brits, you also. I can’t. I just can’t get it. Maybe if i’ll ever get a drivers licences i’ll understand.
Now, imagine me trying to get a taxi, with a shit load of luggage, arriving in Bangkok at Suvarnabhumi airport, after some 40h flights, that included a 15 hours layover in Moscow.
Like any typical east European, smiled at the customs, took my visa and there I go in front of the airport and started waving hysterically at taxis, with no success, obviously.
At some point a random stranger felt pity on me and directed me to the ticket spitting machine. Surprise! That’s one car related ticket you wanna get. It holds the magical number of your taxi. Usually the taxis are already there and so was mine that time.
Long story short, I throw all my luggage in the trunk and i get in the car. Then it was this weird moment, when i was staring at the wheel, the driver was staring at me and some other taxi drivers were joyfully pointing at us. Yup, i was on the wrong seat.
Lucky that the driver wasn’t speaking english and i don’t know sign language, otherwise everything would have been so boring that morning.
PS: I’ve stolen the photo from Suvarnabhumi’s web page. The credits for such a wonderful image go to them.

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